October - November 2017

New October - November 2017

page 6 Gardening News & Views

A look at the latest tips, plants, and equipment from around the gardening world 

page 8 Hedging your Bets

Lorraine Cavanagh draws a protective line around your garden

page 12 About Cork

  World leader in cork production, Amorim, highlights the amazing properties of these iconic trees of Portugal

page 15 Quick Tree Guide

The first in our new series on recognising Mediterranean trees

page 16 Meet the Lantern Flowers

  Alan Butler introduces us to these often overlooked delights 

page 20 An Ancient Remedy to Modern Antibiotic

Medical Herbalist, Poppy Burr diagnoses a scientifically proven holistic alternative to some everyday ailments

page 22 The Very Best of British and Irish Hospitality

We’ve found three very different, but equally amazing places that you wont want to leave!

page 31 Kitchen Corner with Ron Badach 

New York’s Callicoon Kitchen serves up Mixed Chard Soup

page 32 Sake

Lara Silaghi justifies why this once unwanted, end of the meal hot cuppa is finally being appreciated by connoisseurs around the world

page 34 The Art of Fans and Espalier

Justin Wride looks closely at how to make your garden walls look more stately 

page 36 The First Flush of Autumn

A look at the plants and shrubs that are lighting up your garden right about now

page 38 Ingredients for a Mediterranean Courtyard

Perfect recipes for reflective spaces

page 41 How Green is your Salad?

25 ingredients to spruce up your lunchtime

page 42 Rocks and Crops part 19 - The Rare Earth Elements (REE)

More on Pete Siegfried’s fascinating trip to Greenland

page 44 Fungi of the Iberian Autumn

Steve Andrews goes foraging for the dinner plate

page 46 Green Fields or Urban Chic?

Should it be grass or gravel for future sustainable gardens?

page 48 Bird watching Festival in the Algarve

Don’t miss this annual event for all the family

page 50 Aloe, it’s me again!

Alan Butler takes a peek at how his aloes are fairing after the long hot summer

page 54 To Do List: October - November 

page 55 Poetry Corner with Alun Bye

page 57 Bumper Reader’s Letters Pages 

page 58 Focus On ... Zamia furfuracea, Cardboard Palm

page 60 How to get Rid of your Weeds

page 62 Green Pages and Photo Competition 

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