June - July 2017

New June - July 2017

page 6 Gardening News & Views

A look at the latest tips, plants, and equipment from around the gardening world 

page 8 Twin Towers

Lorraine Cavanagh looks at the iconic Mediterranean Cupressus sempervirens - the Cypress Tree

page 11 Chelsea Flower Show 2017

  David Domoney’s Commonwealth War Graves Commission wins a Silver Medal

page 13 Manoj Malde’s Chelsea design wins Silver Gilt

We catch up with Manoj to ask about his experience at Chelsea and whether he would do it again

page 16 Patios of Cordoba Festival

  Denise Bush visits one of Spain’s best kept secrets 

page 18 Reader’s Garden Makeover

How a UK couple transformed a dull patio into their dream tropical paradise in the Algarve

page 20 Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!!

Kevin G Scales says goodbye to his beloved Granja for pastures new in Madeira

page 23 The humble cucumber and why we should all keep one in our trouser pocket ... Apparently!

page 24 Getting hooked on Uncarinas

  Alan Butler looks closely at these Madagascan succulents

page 27 Focus On ... Acca Sellowiana - Pineapple Guava

page 28 Social Networking Botanical Style

Who’s friends with who in your garden?

page 30 A Taste of the Orient at VILA VITA Parc

We review the new Japanese restaurant Mizu

page 31 Kitchen Corner

Scallops / Yuzu-Kosho with Mizu Restaurant, VILA VITA Parc

page 32 An Ancient Brew to Quench your Thirst!

Lara Silaghi samples a couple of glasses of beer

page 34 Hever Castle - Beyond the walls of history...

We take a walk in the gardens that have captured the hearts of millions 

page 38 Rocks and Crops 17 - Groundwater part 2

Consultant geologist Pete Siegfried analysis the bottled waters of Portugal

page 40 Focus On ... Cannas - Indian Shot Plants

page 41 The Good, The Bad and the down right Ugly

Ladybirds, Aphids and Leaf Miners

page 44 Summer is a good time to see the Butterflies of Iberia

Steven Andrews looks at the most spectacular examples in your garden this summer

page 46 Footprints in the Sand...

We look at how tourist carbon footprints are affecting the environment

page 48 The Flowering of your Succulents

Alan Butler shows us how choosing our plants carefully will bring colour to your beds throughout the year

page 52 Prostrate with Passion

Why not use this glorious creeping vine as ground cover?

page 54 To Do List: June - July 

page 56 Bumper Reader’s Letters Pages 

page 58 Garden Ponds and Aquatic Love Nests

How to create the perfect setting for romance in the garden

page 60 Green Pages

page 62 Photo Competition 

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