December 2017 - January 2018 edition

New December 2017 - January 2018 edition

page 6 Gardening News & Views

A look at the latest tips, plants, and equipment from around the gardening world 

page 8 Advent Garden Calendar

Lorraine Cavanagh opens little windows on gardening delights

page 14 Choosing the Right Christmas Tree

  We offer some tips on how to keep your tree looking good until 12th night

page 16 Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Spines

Alan Butler shows off some Epiphytic cacti

page 21 Keeping your Houseplants Healthy this Christmas

  Indoor gardening advice for our housebound friends 

page 22 Festive Herbs for Winter Health with Poppy Burr

Poppy Burr and Steve Andrews take a look at how our time-honoured Christmas trimmings have much more value than mere window dressing

page 24 The Holly and the Ivy with Steve Andrews

page 26 A Brief History of Fruits 

Tim Lambert looks at the origins of a traditional Christmas stocking

page 28 Twelve Dishes of Christmas

Around the world inspiration for alternative Christmas fare

page 30 Focus On ... Strawberries

page 31 Kitchen Corner with Benoît Sinthon

The head chef at Two Michelin star restaurant Il Gallo D’Oro shows us how to wow your guests with Strawberry XXL

page 32 Infuse some Spirits into your Holiday Season

Lara Silaghi mixes up some festive cheer

page 34 Greece - Land of the Gods

OK. The presents have been opened and the guests have gone home - it must be time to plan your next summer holiday!

page 42 Rocks and Crops part 20 - Graphite, Battery Future

Pete Seigfried looks at the future’s possible Green Energy component

page 44 Worm Farming for the Ordinary Household

Squiggly little helpers to re-cycle your waste and fertilise your garden

page 45 Reader’s Garden

Giant veg with Graham Basset

page 46 Cut and Come Again Plants

Justin Wride looks at some of the easiest Mediterranean plants to grow

page 48 Keeping Cats out of the Garden

They’re a bit like Marmite, but even if you’re a lover, you don’t want them digging up your garden

page 49 Focus On ... Firethorn, Pyracantha coccinea

page 50 To Do List: December - January 

page 51 Poetry Corner with Alun Bye

page 52 Reader’s Letters Pages 

page 54 Nitrogen - Deficient or Overused?

When you need to add nitrogen and when to stop

page 60 Focus On ... Viburnum Tinus - Laurustinus

page 62 Green Pages and Photo Competition 

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