Bumper Edition December 2016 - January 2017

New Bumper Edition December 2016 - January 2017

page 6 Gardening News & Views

A look at the latest tips, plants, and equipment from around the gardening world 

page 8 The Tree of Peace - The Olive

Lorraine Cavanagh takes a look at the iconic Mediterranean symbol of abundance, glory and peace

page 14 The Launch of Certified Natural Perfumery

Perfumer Mesha Munyan talks to The International Perfume Foundation about her business as a lavender grower transformed into a range of natural perfumes

page 16 All Sorts of Things but no Liquorice in Sight!

  Kevin Scales chats about all things gardening

page 18 And Now for Something Completely Different and also Completely Special

Kevin G Scales shows his creative side and opens the doors to his Gardener’s Cottage

page 20 Mistletoe, the Druids and Winter Solstice

  Steve Andrews talks about the history and mystery surrounding this Yuletide decoration

page 22 Mother-in-law’s Tongue

It’s the season of goodwill, so Alan Butler extolles the virtues of smooth but firm Sansevieria

page 26 The Wines of Christmas Past ... for Today!

  Lara Silaghi pours out a glass or two of our favourite tipples of yesteryear

page 28 Game for a Change 

  Clare Thursfield is in the kitchen over the festive season with partridge and venison

page 31 Kitchen Corner

John Dory, Chana dal, coriander & mint

page 32 Cava; lovely bubbles from Spain

Lara Silaghi pops a few corks for the festive season

page 34 Focus On ... Pyrostegia Venusta - Flame Vine 

page 36 Bagh-e-Babur

Zahrah Nasir kicks off her tour of not-to-be-missed gardens around the world. Beginning with one very close to her heart in Kabul, Afghanistan

page 41 Wild Mushroom Foraging

Guest writer Paul Skarda takes us on a walk through the woods

page 43 Rocks and Crops part 14 - Groundwater

Consultant geologist Pete Siegfried looks at where our water comes from and why we should all make efforts to conserve it

page 45 The Succulent Daisies

Alan Butler is coming up daisies in the Mediterranean

page 48 Poinsettia - Euphorbia Pulcherrima

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a word on everyone’s favourite festive plant

page 50 A Hunting We Will Go ...

Jane Page is on the trail of partridge and wild boar

page 52 The Art of Seeing

Karen Wride is bringing out the artist in people all over the Algarve

page 54 January Jasmine

Get ready for an explosion of yellow to welcome in the New Year

page 40 To Do List - December and January 

page 42 Bumper Reader’s Letters Pages 

page 45 Green Pages

page 46 Photo Competition 

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