August - September 2017

New August - September 2017

page 6 Gardening News & Views

A look at the latest tips, plants, and equipment from around the gardening world 

page 8 Gorgeous Grasses

Lorraine Cavanagh looks at some glorious ornamental grasses

page 12 David Domoney

  David Domoney makes some suggestions on what Mediterranean favourites would work in your northern European garden

page 15 RHS Hampton Court

We review the best of this years’ exhibits

page 18 The Scents of Summer

  Prim little madams that light up the night 

page 20 Learn to Love your Weeds

Medical Herbalist, Poppy Burr gives a consultation on our overgrown patches

page 22 Focus On ... Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale

page 23 Focus On ... Cork Oak - Quercus suber

page 24 Agaves: the Century plants and much more

  Alan Butler looks at the ultimate sun worshippers

page 28 Feel like one of the Family at Quinta Bonita

We visit the loving home turned boutique hotel in the south west corner of Portugal

page 30 Focus On ... Quail Eggs

page 31 Kitchen Corner with Nick Brodie at Llangoed Hall

Cured Mackerel, Scallop, Apricot and Cucumber

page 32 An Apple for your Cup

Lara Silaghi shares a glass of ancient cider with us

page 34 Mimicry Plants - now you see them, now you don’t!

Alan Butler explores the wonderful world of camouflage 

page 39 Breeding birds in the Southern Iberian Peninsula

Spanish ornithologist, Luis Alberto Rodriguez helps us identify some garden visitors

page 42 Rocks and Crops part 18. The Mineral Ice - AKA Frozen Water

Consultant geologist, Pete Siegfried looks at how ice can help unlock the mysteries of climate change

page 44 Pine Wilt Nematode (PWN) Threatens the Pines of Portugal

Steven Andrews explains the plight of the beleaguered pine

page 46 Focus On ... Artist Helen Nock

page 48 Getting Sunburnt

Justin Wride looks at how some plants need a little protection

page 50 Great Fosters

On our recent trip to Hampton Court we were lucky enough to discover one of London’s best kept secrets

page 54 To Do List: August - September 

page 56 Bumper Reader’s Letters Pages 

page 58 Focus On ... Bergamot Orange

page 60 Green Pages

page 62 Photo Competition 

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page 6 Gardening News & ViewsA look at the latest tips,plants, and equipment from around thegard..
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page 6 Gardening News & ViewsA look at the latest tips,plants, and equipment from around thegard..
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